Slim Fit Gold Paisley Patterned Black Men Tuxedo Blazer



A statement piece that seamlessly combines sophistication with a touch of bold flair. This impeccably tailored blazer is designed to elevate your formal ensemble to new heights. The slim fit silhouette ensures a modern and polished look, flattering your physique without compromising on comfort. The gold paisley pattern adds a luxurious and distinctive touch, creating a visually striking contrast against the sleek black backdrop. Perfect for formal occasions, weddings, or gala events, this Tuxedo Blazer is a conversation starter. The attention to detail in both design and craftsmanship sets this piece apart, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate refined style. Pair it with black dress pants for a complete formal look or experiment with dark jeans for a more contemporary twist. Make a bold statement and redefine elegance with our Slim Fit Gold Paisley Patterned Black Men's Tuxedo Blazer – where sophistication meets individuality.

Fit: Slim Fit

Color: Black

Drop: 6

Details: Single Button, Peak Lapel

Pattern: Patterned

Fabric Content: %80 Viskon %17 Polyester %3 Lycra